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Maximize the potential of your home renovation or new construction project with expert guidance from Appliance Advisor Pro. Our consultation service is designed to help you choose the perfect appliances that fit your needs, budget, and style.

Unlock the Benefits of Appliance Advisor Pro Consultation

Personalized Recommendations

Our experienced team will assess your project requirements and provide tailored appliance recommendations to suit your unique needs.

Expertise & Industry Insights

Gain access to our in-depth knowledge of the latest appliance technologies, trends, and  brands to make informed decisions.

Time & Cost Savings

Avoid costly mistakes and wasted time by relying on our expertise to 
streamline the appliance selection process.

Enhanced Efficiency & Functionality

Optimize your space and workflow with appliances that are designed to enhance your daily routines.

Why Choose Appliance Advisor Pro?

  • Extensive Industry Experience. 
    With years of expertise in the appliance industry, our team has a deep understanding of the market and can offer valuable insights.
  • Customer Satisfaction. 
    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and ensuring that our clients find the perfect appliances for their projects.
  • Hollistic Approach. 
    We take into account your project's unique requirements, functionality, and design elements to provide comprehensive recommendations.
  • Industry Partnerships. 
    As trusted professionals, we have established partnerships with reputable appliance brands, ensuring access to the latest products and competitive pricing.

Our Consultation Process


Discovery Call

We'll begin with a detailed discussion to understand your project goals, requirements, and preferences.


Needs Assessment

Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your functional needs, lifestyle, and design aspirations.


Tailored Recommendations

Based on our assessment, we'll provide you with a customized list of appliance recommendations that align with your project vision.


Expert Guidance

We'll guide you through the decision-making process, explaining the features, benefits, and cost considerations of each recommended appliance.


Ongoing Support

Even after the consultation, we'll be available to answer any follow-up questions or provide additional guidance as needed.

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KL&D installed a dishwasher for me this morning. Very professional and skilled workers! They even cleaned up before they left! Thank you so much!


- Barb Houmard -

Just had a dishwasher installed I bought thru Lowes. From the initial contact to confirm appt. They were prompt , professional, efficient, knowledgeable and personable too. Customer Service level is outstanding which lacks in alot of areas in todays markets. Highly recommend!


- Mike -

Wonderful company!! Very polite and professional. They arrived near the beginning of the "time range" they gave which was very convenient, and also called a few minutes before they arrived. They worked very quickly and were done installing my dishwasher in less than an hour. Definitely worth your business!


- Gianna Righi -

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Make informed decisions and set your project up for success with Appliance Advisor Pro Consultation.

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